/Éi/ /’BI:/ /’SI:/



ALFANO – /éi/ /’bi:/ /’si:/

26 x 21 x 5 cm
Screen printed box
26 screen printed cards + 1
1 screen printed poster

Varsi Editions – In collaboration with 56Fili, She.Lab & Chiara Pietropaoli

Artist info

Roberto Alfano

Roberto Alfano, Lodi, 1981. He develops an interest in art in the first half of the nineties, fascinated by the phenomenon of urban art. In this period he realizes his first graffitis. Over the years this practice will turn into an obsessive passion for drawing and painting. The primary sources of inspiration can be traced back to contemporary underground culture, Art-Brut, and the work of the French masters of post-impressionism. In addition to the production and exhibition activities, the artist has formed in the field of clinical art therapy as an expert in the conduction of art workshops and experiential dynamics of artistic expression in situations of psychophysical and social distress. In recent years he has developed his own methodological approach in the context of the artistic-experiential laboratory: the method "Generative Contemporary Art". This provides for the practice of artistic disciplines through the introduction and use of interdependent techniques and languages, aiming at the revelation of needs, the generation of autonomy, and the stimulation of the exploratory system. The approach to the educational and didactic dimension will lead him to focus his artistic research as a function of freedom of expression. Since the end of 2018, the artist has also carried out the activity of trainer as an expert in artistic-experiential workshops. . . . Roberto Alfano, Lodi, 1981. Sviluppa interesse per l’arte a partire dalla prima metà degli anni Novanta affascinato dal fenomeno dell’arte urbana. In questo periodo realizza i suoi primi graffiti. Nel corso degli anni questa pratica si tramuterà in una passione ossessiva per il disegno e per la pittura. Le fonti primarie di ispirazione sono riconducibili alla cultura contemporanea underground, all’Art-Brut e alla pittura dei maestri francesi del post-impressionismo. Accanto all’attività produttiva ed espositiva l’artista si è formato nell’ambito dell’arte terapia clinica in qualità di esperto nella conduzione di laboratori artistico-esperienziali e delle dinamiche delle espressioni artistiche in situazioni di disagio psicofisico e sociale. Nel corso degli ultimi anni ha sviluppato un proprio approccio metodologico nel contesto del laboratorio artistico-esperienziale, il metodo “Arte Contemporanea Generativa”. Questo prevede la pratica delle discipline artistiche tramite l’introduzione e l’utilizzo di tecniche e linguaggi interdipendenti, finalizzata alla rivelazione dei bisogni, alla generazione di autonomie e alle stimolazione del sistema esplorativo. L’approccio alla dimensione educativa e didattica lo porterà a focalizzare la sua ricerca artistica in funzione della libertà d’espressione. Dalla fine del 2018, l’artista svolge inoltre l’attività di formatore in qualità di esperto di laboratori artistico-esperienziali. Ph.credits: Pietro Cocco  

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Produced by: Varsi Art&Lab
Curated by: Chiara Pietropaoli & Paola Pompili
Design and handbinding by: Studio She.Lab

. . .

The project “/éi/ /’bi:/ /’si:/” (ABC) originated from the intention to give form to the content of thought that precedes the definition of written language. From this attempt, 26 abstract forms traceable to the letters of the Latin alphabet were generated, which are first and foremost shadows or archetypes of content that vibrate in the middle ground between awareness and will.

The creative process that led to the definition of these shapes had as its focus a spontaneous approach to gesture, as in an obsessive stream of consciousness that gradually led to letting content emerge and tracing its boundaries.

In a broader view, the theme of reworking letters and writing belongs to the history of the artist, who in the early 1990s approached contemporary art through the practice of writing.

The project “/éi/ /’bi:/ /’si:/” is the most extreme synthesis of this path, the epilogue that leads back to the roots.

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