I never received a confirmation email, did my order go through?

When we receive an order, you will get an automatic confirmation of your purchase. Because it is an automated email, sometimes it can end up in junk/spam folders, so have a look there too! If you still can’t find your confirmation email, drop us a line or give us a call and we can re-send one for you, just be sure to check with us that we have your correct email address first.

Why are prints’ prices viewable on the website and artworks’ ones are not?

All the prints prices are viewable on our website, and they are available for purchase directly through their product page. On the artworks page, you will find the button “request price” to contact us and receive more information. We know that buying art can be a big investment and we prefer to talk directly with you when you’re evaluating buying more expensive pieces in order to offer you better care.

The print I want is out of stock, will you get more?

Although an edition might say is it made up of 100 prints, the artist might not necessarily print all of them out at once, or we might just not have all of them at the gallery. In these circumstances, we would list the print as being out of stock to avoid timing disappointment, so it is always worth dropping us an email to double-check! In case they are confirmed as being out of stock, it means the edition has come to an end and will not be sold again.

I ordered a print or an artwork online, how long will they take to get to me?

Please check out our shipping information and terms page to know more about shipping times and in case you are looking for more specific information don’t hesitate to contact us at info@galleriavarsi.it

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in the cost of all products sold at the Varsi.

Can I claim the VAT back on my purchases?

If you are not a European citizen and you have a VAT registration number the price is to be intended without Italian VAT (22%). In this case please contact us at info@galleriavarsi.it instead of proceeding with your purchase online. We’ll send you our payment details for the right amount without VAT fees.

I haven’t made up my mind yet, can I reserve an artwork?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in reserving an artwork or a print, please contact us at sales@galleriavarsi.it. We require a refundable deposit of 50%. We will hold your reserved work for one month before you make your decision to go for it or not, so no pressure!

I received my artwork/print but I’m not happy with my purchase, what I have to do to replace it or receive a refund?

We work very hard trying to show on our website our artworks and prints in the best way possible to avoid this because we don’t like to deliver you something which is not the way you imagined it! If this occurs please check out our return and refund policy.

I received my artwork/print and it has been damaged during the shipping. What I have to do to replace it or receive a refund?

First of all, we’re very sorry about it! Our packaging is carefully prepared and we trust our courier service. Anyway, it could happen! Contact us at info@galleriavarsi.it and we’ll do our best to help you, proceeding with replacing your order, in case of numbered series, or refunding the total amount of your purchase. Please remember to take pictures of the damaged package to insert in the return request mail. For more information check out our return and refund policy.

How will my artwork be shipped?

Varsi ships artworks daily across the world. Each piece is carefully prepped by gallery staff, wrapped in acid-free tissue, and packed within a specially designed, reinforced tube appropriate to the artwork size and medium. In the case of framed artworks, the piece will be secured by using bubble wrap, foam, and cardboard. If the artwork needs a more peculiar packaging due to its fragility we rely on an external lab that provides us good quality wooden boxes. Artworks are shipped via DHL Express, if for any reason we decide to use a different courier service it will be noticed in your order notes; as soon as your artworks ships, you will receive an email from DHL with all the shipping details and you will be updated on your order status via email or SMS. If you have any concerns or queries regarding the shipping of our products please do not hesitate to contact info@galleriavarsi.it