Varsi is the right place to be if you enjoy street culture and contemporary art movements: original artworks, limited edition prints productions and books by your favorite artists from all around the world.

Varsi was founded in 2013 by Massimo Scrocca as an art gallery (Galleria Varsi) in the historic center of Rome. Its scope was to explore the artistic movements of urban and contemporary art, with the aim of creating collective and solo exhibitions and of promoting public art in Italy and abroad.  Over the years the gallery became a point of reference and experimentation that allowed many artists to develop and share their research. Galleria Varsi has always dedicated special attention and care to the indoor installations the artists created for their exhibitions, allowing them full expression on various levels and giving the public an experience that has crept into the themes the artists have proposed. The work done by Galleria Varsi has been recognized by the main national and international newspapers, including the New York Times, which mentioned it among the 36 main attractions to visit in Rome. Galleria Varsi’s activity evolved in 2019 with the creation of Varsi Art & Lab, with a new lab specialized in limited edition screen prints thanks to the work of Studio 56Fili, and also to the activity of She.Lab with her design art books entirely bound by hand. The lab is also proposed as a place of experimentation and contamination that, during the artist residencies, becomes the space where the opportunity to collaborate with the artisans to the realization of new productions arises. Thanks to its constant research and to the expansion of relationships with new protagonists in the world art scene, Varsi Art & Lab is taking a firm hold of the international art market through its e-commerce distribution which allows collectors from all over the world to get to know the artists and to purchase their works. Varsi Art&Lab continues its commitment to the display and direct sale of artworks within its space while simultaneously pursuing its partnership with Rome-based co-working company Ala/34, where a selection of works carefully selected by the Varsi team are continuously displayed.


Founders & Associates:

Art Director & Founder: Massimo Scrocca
Co-Founders: Tommaso Salini, Matteo Salini

Sales & Accounting:

Sales Manager: Silvia Curtilli
Account e Digital Manager: Roberta Pedroni
Curator: Chiara Pietropaoli

Creative Team:

Graphic & Editorial Design, Book Binding: Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Screenprint: Arturo Amitrano (56 Fili), Michele Palangio
Photo & Video Production: Gianluca Gasbarri, Ilaria Gasbarri