10 YEARS OF VARSI. 2013 – 2023



“10 YEARS OF VARSI. An Archive of Photos and Stories About Art in the City of Rome. 2013 – 2023”

14,5 x 22,3 cm
292 Pages

Book Art Directors:
Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Massimo Scrocca

Graphic Design:
Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Patrizio Anastasi

Interviews & Essays:
Chiara Pietropaoli
Daniela Collu

Text Editing & Translation:
Venexia Editrice

Gianluca Gasbarri, Ornella Mercier, The Blind Eye Factory,
Federica Tafuro, Jessica Stewart, Gloria Viggiani, Alessia Di Risio,
Jona Preminger, Bianca Trevisani,
Vittoria Marcheggiani

Cover Screen Printing:

Printed by Tiburtini in May 2023

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Varsi was founded to explore expressions related to the art movement of Urban and Contemporary Art, with the intention of staging collective and solo exhibitions and promoting public art. Dedicating special attention and care to the installations of each exhibition, the gallery has welcomed and translated different visions, researches and worlds into an ever-changing space, offering the possibility of all-round expression to each artist and giving the viewer an ever-changing journey.

This book, produced by Varsi Editions, collects the experiences, protagonists and evolution of these first ten years of our activity.

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