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Limited Edition of 40

Varsi Art&Lab
Concept & Art Direction:
Alberonero & Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Graphic design & Bookbinding:
Paola Pompili (She.Lab)

Slipcase: 17,5 x 17,5 x 5,5 cm
Book: 17 x 17 x 4 cm
Booklet: 17 x 17 x 1 cm

Screen printing:

Artist info


Alberonero is a designer, painter and sculptor. Born in Lodi (IT) in 1991, at the age of fifteen he started writing poems and experimenting with painting in relationship to the physical space through graffiti technique, playing with letters, shapes and colors. In 2013 he graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano where he had the chance to merge theory with experience and developed a transversal approach to a creation able to connect thoughts with different disciplines. In 2012 Alberonero started focus on the study of color’s perception and on the research of a code that can minimize the visual language. For six years he intervened in the public space by painting sequences of colors ordered in a geometric grid, as instrument of investigation of the connection between mathematics, poetry and sensation. Since 2017 the interest of the artist moves towards the matter and the creation of devices made of poor materials which are linked to the building and agriculture’s world such as concrete, iron, wood, agricultural nets, but also fabrics, plaster and glass, telling us about a super-natural reality. The practice of construction finds form in these elements, in installations born from a careful listening of the site, by the will to "be place", to erase boundaries between the self and the outside and participate in the space in a poetic way. Alberonero realized installation projects, exhibitions and workshops in Italy and in different Countries all around the world including France, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Germany, Indonesia, United States and Saudi Arabia.

Artist info


SHE.LAB is a creative studio specializing in editorial design and the art of handcrafted bookbinding born in 2019 from the idea of designer Paola Pompili with the aim of creating a reality that would become a referral point for book and paper object lovers, thanks to the experimentation of different techniques, materials, and supports. The ten-year collaboration with Galleria Varsi in Rome has evolved over time, making She.Lab an essential component of this project. Starting from January 2022, in fact, She.Lab works inside Varsi Art&Lab's laboratory and embody, together with the screen printing studio 56Fili and the design studio Base/34, its artisanal and productive side. In this space, Paola Pompili and bookbinder Claudia Mosena (who joins the project in 2022) work in synergy to design and create products that feature research, craftsmanship, and uniqueness as their strengths. The studio opens outward during workshops and becomes a place for sharing and disseminating manual skills and traditional workmanship dedicated to the world of bookbinding.

More info

LIBRI ANOMALI (Anomalist Books) is a project created by the art laboratory Varsi Lab in cooperation with the designer Paola Pompili (SHE.LAB). The two have been working together since 2013, producing Varsi Editions art catalogs.

LIBRI ANOMALI is the natural evolution of these editions and is an experimental project dedicated to publishing art books different from traditional books. Anomalist is in fact the most suitable adjective for these unusual and unconventional volumes dedicated to the fans of the genre.

LIBRI ANOMALI are small limited editions manufactured inside the printing workshop, bound by hand, and produced in collaboration with various renowned national and international artists.

. . .

The title “Miacromia” is also the name of a larger project that includes four unique works and a series of ten screenprints. The artist describes it as follows:

“It was important for me to create an invented word that carried the idea of playing with color. Miacromia is a short story about how color appears to our eyes.”

The second “Libro Anomalo” is in a limited edition of 40 copies, 10 pages each, all embedded with a transparent screen-printed film of different color gradients and intensity, whose superimposition is meant to create color games that stimulate our visual perception.

“Through intervals of hue, brightness, and saturation, invisible colors are revealed, stimulating the sensitivity of our sight. White is the space to look at where perception takes shape.”

The thickness of the paper and the invisible binding offer a double identity to each piece.

As a book, it allows for a horizontal reading that page after page marks the beginning and the end of a chromatic story, which plays with the addition and subtraction of shades of colors.

As a 360-degree sculpture, it allows being observed and investigated from other perspectives. Here the book disappears, the narration is interrupted and time stops; there is no more beginning nor end, and colors float into a white space.

. . .

Screen Printing:

Text Editing and Translation:
Venexia Editrice

Paper Choice:

Favini Sumo white / Favini Drawing N/R white
Fedrigoni Golden Star K / Fedrigoni Old Mill white

Each gradient has been screen printed on transparent film.

June 2021

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