SERVADIO x SHE.LAB – How to Forget About a Song

Limited Edition of 30

Varsi Art&Lab
Concept & Art Direction:
Servadio & Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Graphic design & Bookbinding:
Paola Pompili (She.Lab)
Screen printing:
Cover photo:
Ivano Pagnussat

Artist info


Michele Servadio was born in Italy in 1986. He grew up in a small village in the Veneto countryside. Drawn to painting and drawing from an early age, Servadio attended the Art School in Padua and the University of Visual Arts in Venice. In 2007 he approached the world of tattoos, fascinated by its tradition and cultural phenomenon. He moved to London in 2010.

In his atelier in Hackney Wick, Servadio creates new projects which interconnect the different practices of tattooing, painting, printmaking, photography, and performance art. Merging these diciplines, feeding them back into one another, he creates a unique universe where he is able to explore and describe the human condition and his environment.

The aesthetics of his work is dark and melancholic; it embodies Folklore, expressionism, and the bleakness of a post-industrial scenario.

In 2014 he started to experiment with sound and tattooing. This gave birth to 'Body of Reverbs', a contemporary Ritual combining sound, pain, accupuncture and permanent marks on the body. Body of Reverbs has been presented in the form of live performances and instilations across the UK, Europe, Asia and America.

His artworks have been exhibited in England, Italy, and Germany.

Artist info


SHE.LAB is a creative studio specializing in editorial design and the art of handcrafted bookbinding born in 2019 from the idea of designer Paola Pompili with the aim of creating a reality that would become a referral point for book and paper object lovers, thanks to the experimentation of different techniques, materials, and supports. The ten-year collaboration with Galleria Varsi in Rome has evolved over time, making She.Lab an essential component of this project. Starting from January 2022, in fact, She.Lab works inside Varsi Art&Lab's laboratory and embody, together with the screen printing studio 56Fili and the design studio Base/34, its artisanal and productive side. In this space, Paola Pompili and bookbinder Claudia Mosena (who joins the project in 2022) work in synergy to design and create products that feature research, craftsmanship, and uniqueness as their strengths. The studio opens outward during workshops and becomes a place for sharing and disseminating manual skills and traditional workmanship dedicated to the world of bookbinding.

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LIBRI ANOMALI (Anomalous Books) is an editorial project created inside Varsi Art&Lab’s art laboratory in collaboration with designer and bookbinder Paola Pompili.

LIBRI ANOMALI is an experimental project where art books disregard conventional editorial standards through original editorial proposals dedicated to fans of the genre. These small limited editions are made in collaboration with various contemporary artists and are all entirely bound by hand.

. . .

“This book is a collection of photographs I have taken in my studio in London. It is the place where I paint and print. A temple of creation and intimate space. I felt the need to highlight the connection between the people I tattoo and the place where I create. It is an effort to transcend tattooing by celebrating the tenderness of a body that has just changed. I use photography by need.  Tattoos are ephemeral; they demand to be documented. Tattooing is not just adding ink under the skin: it changes a human being and therefore modifies the environment around it. By portraying people in my studio, in front of my paintings, and making them interact with sculptures and objects, I try to comprise the practice of tattooing into the bigger picture of art creation. By stepping back with the camera, the studio becomes the stage where these people exist. I can see relationships between them and the environment. Artworks become props for portraits and people become the life characters of my paintings. I can keep track of a tattoo within the context of the body where it lives and of the environment where the person exists. Everything merges.” Servadio

29 x 40 cm

Text Editing and Translation:
Venexia Editrice
Paper Choice:
Favini Biancoflash Natural
Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black

Dust jacket: Imperial black cloth
Book cover: Ecological nude leather

Rome, November 2021

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