Michele Servadio was born in Italy in 1986. He grew up on the Alpine plateau of Asiago and in the Veneto countryside, and then attended the Art School in Padua and the University of Visual Arts in Venice. In 2007 he approached the world of tattoos, fascinated by the tradition of the cultural phenomenon and moved to London, becoming one of the main players of the artistic and musical underground scene, a pioneer of new trends.

In his Hackney Wick workshop, he created experiments with tattoo, painting, printing and sound through a combination of these original creative solutions. The aesthetics of his work relate to an enigmatic dark imaginary, dominated by black. In 2014 he created “Grabato”, now known as “Body or reverbs”, an experimental project presented across Europe, where tattoos combine with sound and assume ritual-performance traits.
His works have been exhibited in England, Italy, Germany and other countries.