“10 Years of VARSI” – Anniversary Group Show & Book Launch

On Thursday, June 1st, 2023 in Rome, VARSI Art&Lab proudly welcomes visitors for the occasion that marks its tenth anniversary.

After ten years of work consisting of amazing projects, exhibitions, and collaborations featuring some of the most well-known names in the contemporary and urban art scene, VARSI has decided to celebrate this significant milestone with a group exhibition that includes works created by  artists who have left their marks on VARSI’s past and those who will stand in for it in the future.

Along with artists like Broken Fingaz and Eltono, the exhibition features brand-new works by those who took part in the residency program last year, including Sten & Lex, Tellas, 3ttman, 108, Alberonero, Canemorto, Jeroen Erosie, Nelio, Matthieu Pommier/Velvet, 2501, and Roberto Ciredz. The Spanish artist Andres Lozano and the South African Ellena Lourens perform in the show for the first time in Italy, together with the debuts of the Italian artists Matteo Giuntini and El Gato Chimney, the Berlin duo Ze-Bu, and the French artist Fred Battle / Zoerism.

Additionally, the public may come across works by some of the newest and most recent collaborations, like Amok Island, Hello Collective, Johan Moorman, Johannes Mundiger, and James Reka, as well as some of the longest-running ones, including Nicolas Romero, Nemos, Etnik, Fintan Maggee, Hitnes, Run, Skeme, and Michele Servadio.

On June 1st, VARSI Editions will also release “VARSI,” the 10th-anniversary book, in connection with the exhibition of works by artists who have contributed to its history. By offering insight into the history of its ongoing evolution and exhibiting the creativity and inventiveness of all its protagonists over the years, the volume intends to lead the public on a 10-year voyage of exploration and discovery.

“This accomplishment proves that art is a process as well as a product that can open up fresh viewpoints.” Massimo Scrocca – VARSI Art & Lab’s founder and director

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Opening Thursday
June 1st 2023 | 18.00 – 23.00
Via di Affogalasino 34 – 00148

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