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RUN – Uomo Vulcano Mosaico

Monotype on paper
70 x 100 cm, 2023


Frame included
(Frame size: 83 x 112 cm)

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Run (Giacomo Bufarini, Ancona 1979) is one of the leading figures of the Italian Urban Art scene, among the first to propose a figurative aesthetic for his wall paintings together with Blu, Dem, Ericailcane between '99 and the early 2000s. He alternates street painting of very large-scale murals with drawings, prints and installations on paper, made for important festivals and exhibitions around the world: three times present in China (in 2010, 2011 and 2017) where he participates in the 2018 Shenzhen Architecture Biennial for which the documentary What I Do about his experience in the megalopolis with artists Hitnes and Jiamin Hu is also produced; in 2014, the Howard Griffin Gallery in London, a gallery that presents artists who are experimenting with new languages, dedicated its first solo exhibition to him, for which the book Parable of G was published, also exhibiting one of his installations the following year in an exhibition in the Los Angeles branch. In 2016 for the Marrakech Biennial of Art in Morocco, he painted the pavement of Essaouira Square, one of the largest works in North Africa; the 2017 exhibition Fuori luogo at Ancona's Galleria Puccini gives him a chance to interact with his hometown by painting the advertising posters that are then displayed in the gallery and wallpapering urban spaces with posters of his drawings, while the following year he signs the intervention on another place of the heart, the Sonnino book stalls in Piazza Cavour.  In 2021, for Falconara Marittima, his native town, he creates the mural Oltremare and is included in the collective Attitude. Graffiti writing, street art, neo muralism at the Palazzo Blu in Pisa, a survey of the latest generation of artists active in the urban environment. He has participated in many festivals around the world: among the most important are Rebel Paintbrushes in Marzabotto, Schmalkalden in Germany, the Wallabe in Rovigo, Biennale of Art Marrakech, Croydon Mural Festival and many others. In June 2022, he received his first commission and recognition from the City of Hackney, East London, where he lives and where, since 2010, he has been painting one on top of the other, in an artistic and social experiment with the neighborhood, murals that represent, in continuity with the poetics portrayed in all his works, the themes of travel, encounter with others, curiosity about the many individualities that color the world, the weaving of relationships and the difficult balances between people, aspiring to a coexistence in respect of different cultures. In the same neighborhood, the artist's studio/gallery, Bodega, has also been open since 2020, where, in addition to exhibiting his work, he hosts musical events, performances and interventions by other artists. Many of his most important works are published in the volume Time Traveler Artist Man, Unicorn 2016.

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Signed by the artist.

This painting is part of the group-show “10 Years of Varsi” hosted in our space in June 2023.

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