"Coma_Cose presso fontanesi” is the title of an encounter. An encounter between music and art, between Coma_Cose and fontanesi. An unexpected encounter as unexpected is the result of a broken lens that captures Fausto and California.

“Coma_Cose presso fontanesi”, a new series of two Giclée prints by fontanesi produced by Varsi Lab, is now available in a limited edition of 20 each.

Coma_Cose, the Milanese duo who blends songwriting and electronic atmospheres in a unique and unprecedented solution within the Italian record scene, has been attracting the attention of audiences and critics since their first album – “HYPE AURA”.

fontanesi is a visual artist, who, on his Instagram profile, composes and proposes images of manipulated reality, captured and then modified, that bring life to shots which disorient the viewer.

Coma_Cose and fontanesi lost and found themselves in this overlapped reality resulting in two artworks that deceive our perception by playing with perspectives that catch the observer by surprise.

The collaboration between Asian Fake (Coma_Cose record label) and Varsi continues, following the production of Marco Locati’s prints depicting Asian Fake’s artists such as Venerus, Maggio and Darrn.

Art and Music, two worlds that meet and unite, contaminating and influencing each other, as in fontanesi’s images.