chiara Pietropaoli, Galleria Varsi

“Que Viene el Coco” was born from an artistic residence organized in Gesves, a small Belgian town, where Canemorto, Servadio, Alberto Brunello, Mik Bòiter, Elie Carp and Milan Jespers lived together for two weeks.

During the residency the artists produced more than fifty black and white photographic works which will be on show for the first time in Rome, in the spaces of Galleria Varsi.

A mix of  different printing processes such as clichés verre, photogram and direct interventions on negatives, gave original results in the encounter with the different languages ​​of the artists.

The title of the exhibition: “Que Viene El Coco”(The black man arrives), draws on the one hand the aquatint of Goya of 1799, on the other hand invokes the mysterious and dark figure. “El Coco” is the metaphor of waiting, a state that has characterized the artistic experience, the constant hope that the image would appear on paper.

Within the exhibition, from November 19th to November 22nd from 6pm, will take place the private rituals of “Body of reverbs” by Michele Servadio in collaboration with HEXN and Mik Bòiter.