Alberto Brunello is an Italian multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. Painter, tattooer, visual artist and musician: while combining very personal ways of conceiving patterns, both visually and sonically, his explorations seek to find a new language of its own that shows an imagery of symbolic shapes and sigils travelling the distance between ancient iconography and a future, cross-dimensional alphabet.

Fundamentally instinctive, yet infused with archaic inspiration, this language/pattern is in continuous transformation towards the depth of human nature.

Brunello has exhibited his work at Encore Gallery (Bruxelles, BE), Varsi (Roma, IT), Everybody Lives Gallery (London, UK), Connaissance et Oubli (Bruxelles, BE), Filler (Milano, MI), Lago Film Festival (Revine Lago, IT), Pulsart (Schio, IT).

Since 2015 he plays and produces music with his solo project as HEXN and joined, as the sound artist, the ‘Body of Reverbs’: a contemporary ritual combining sound, pain, acupuncture and permanent marks on the body. Body of Reverbs has been presented in the form of live performances and installations across the UK, Europe, Asia and America.

Portrait by Ivano Pagnussat


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