Roberto Alfano was born in Lodi in 1981. He has developed an interest in art since the mid-nineties.

Over the years this interest will become an obsessive passion for drawing and painting. A mix of characters and styles are combined in surreal situations, which can clearly be seen in the first pencil drawings: front-faced, full-figured naked men wearing only 3D glasses, dramatic scenes with an erotic setting, or ambiguous psychological situations.

The continuous variations in style, technique, and stroke, make Alfano’s work difficult to be described, as it changes as soon as it reaches a result.

The artist’s goal is the experimentation itself, with its playful and existential dimension, often engaged with children, adolescents, and physically or mentally challenged people, interpreting art as a universal therapy; a non-authoritarian Art, which involves every moment of one’s existence. His primary sources of inspiration still are children’s drawings and the mentally ill patients’ drawings; post-impressionist painters such as Henry Matisse and Paul Gaugin; Expressionist painters; low-fi and post-graffiti culture.

Ph.credits: Pietro Cocco