“Mediterraneo” tells the stories and colors of remote places and countries, holding tightly to their identity and returning them into a personal and intimate vision that is expressed through a hybrid of abstract and figurative.


“Mediterraneo” is the result of a meditative process that merges shapes and species from the surrounding environment, defining the work of Italian artist TELLAS (Fabio Schirru).


"Mediterraneo" series

Through the study of color and its gradients Tellas, together with Studio 56Fili, deepens his research on the technique of collage, of which Varsi Art&Lab presented the first reflection in 2017, on the occasion of the group show Livelli 3rd Edition.

During this residency at Varsi Lab, collage is investigated as an exercise that overlaps meditation with artistic gesture. Tellas re-works and gives uniqueness to a technique that strongly influenced the 20th century and is still considered avant-garde.

Tellas declines his artistic vision through what for him represents, along with drawing, the most natural form of expression, a point of departure and return to the primordial study of form and color.

In an endless virtuosity, the series consists of nine unique screen prints and monotype on fabric works, as well as two series of limited edition prints on paper.

Through a meticulous printing process, single fabrics, first screen-printed, are then cut and then joined together, in an almost obsessive interplay of instinctive compositions.

This technique finds the second evolution in the limited edition print series “Mediterraneo II”, in which the act of combining elements is transformed to fit the technique and the medium, shaping a perceptual play that manifests itself in the overlapping and joining of shapes and colors.

Once again Tellas harmonizes the representation of a structured and referential visual field and, at the same time, defines the fluid perception of a reality yet to be constructed, in which the viewer can find his or her own image.