Waone (Interesni Kazki) – This art is too smart

100 pages
14,8 x 21 cm

Varsi Editions by She.Lab

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SHE.LAB is a creative studio specializing in editorial design and the art of handcrafted bookbinding born in 2019 from the idea of designer Paola Pompili with the aim of creating a reality that would become a referral point for book and paper object lovers, thanks to the experimentation of different techniques, materials, and supports. The ten-year collaboration with Galleria Varsi in Rome has evolved over time, making She.Lab an essential component of this project. Starting from January 2022, in fact, She.Lab works inside Varsi Art&Lab's laboratory and embody, together with the screen printing studio 56Fili and the design studio Base/34, its artisanal and productive side. In this space, Paola Pompili and bookbinder Claudia Mosena (who joins the project in 2022) work in synergy to design and create products that feature research, craftsmanship, and uniqueness as their strengths. The studio opens outward during workshops and becomes a place for sharing and disseminating manual skills and traditional workmanship dedicated to the world of bookbinding.

Artist info

Waone (IK)

Waone was born in 1981 near Kiev. Self-taught but raised in a family of art lovers – his father was an art lover and collector of orthodox icons – at an early age the artist revealed a true passion for drawing. His name Vavan comes from post soviet 90's, popular short friendly version of Vladimir, but has been transcribed into the English Wa-One, with a wink at the urban culture of rap and graffiti.  Waone made his debut in Kiev in 1999 as a graffiti artist, but already in 2003 he got bored of lettering and went to next level of public art - visual storytelling. Together with Aec they developed their recognisable style, with whom they translate images from the unconscious into very colorful tales full of references to science fiction and numerology, cosmology and folklore, myth and magic. In 2005 guys formed the duo Intersni Kazki, . In a span of little more than ten years, the two made large murals in Europe, Russia, India, Mexico and the United States.  When the duo split in 2016, Vladimir began to develop a language based on an elegant and finely detailed linear approach. After the making of Matter: Changing States, a large mural done at Kerala, in India, black and white became one of the earmarks of his style, though in parallel he continues to paint with a palette of bright colors.

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“This art is too smart” by Waone (Interesni Kazki) catalog was realized by SheLab and released in 2018 by Varsi Editions. It contains photos and texts from the exhibition besides the artist’s latest street art projects.

Catalog graphic design

Venexia Editrice

Courtesy of the artist

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