“The memory saves the images even after removing them. Those images tend to surface in the form of impressions, deja vu. Clear cache is a catalog of digital epiphanies, deleted screenshots, and details of shots that become macroscopic”



MP5 and 56 Fili Studio collaborated to produce a series of art pieces titled “Clear Cache”.

The residency provided the artist with a unique opportunity to rediscover the silkscreen technique after a hiatus of 10 years. The series consists of three silkscreen editions that showcase the artist’s distinctive style, characterized by the prominent use of black and white silhouettes against flat, colored backgrounds.

The works depict the artist’s aesthetic style without any disguise and offer a thought-provoking and politically charged interpretation of contemporary issues. The pieces are characterized by a rich interplay between positive and negative space, showcasing the artist’s mastery of composition and visual storytelling. The use of the silkscreen technique has lent the artworks a unique texture and depth, adding to their overall visual appeal.

“I am fascinated by screen printing because it is deceptively artistic. Although it is considered a mechanical reproduction, each print is unique in its way. The press and those who conceive the image are essential, but it is the talented and energetic individuals wherein printing, like 56 Fili, that truly make it an artistic process.”