“I entered the residence with no prior knowledge of screen printing. A few days earlier, I had considered writing a project but ultimately decided to see what the technique itself would suggest.” M. GIUNTINI


The VARSI residency program provides an excellent opportunity for creative exploration and experimentation. When an artist like Matteo Giuntini, who has always painted, decides to try a new technique like silk screen printing, the result can be a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation.
For Giuntini, who is accustomed to painting, this process offers a fresh perspective and a chance to approach their work differently. The use of vibrant colors, intricate details, and expressive brushwork found in the artist’s paintings can be given a new life through the layered and masked application of ink in silk screen printing.
This new body of work by Giuntini represents a harmonious marriage of familiar artistic sensibilities and the excitement of venturing into uncharted territory.

“Screen printing proved to be the perfect medium to explore the idea of metamorphosis that I have been exploring in my paintings for years. It expanded on this idea and offered infinite graphic solutions. The two subjects I brought into the residence were characterized by a sense of false movement, captured either just before or just after an action. The cat/tiger was photographed just after catching a snake, while the gorilla/winged tiger just before crashing to the ground. The overlap of images and new forms has provided a new reading possibility, blocking the subjects in an imaginary new world, and resulting in thought-provoking works.

Collaborating with Arturo (56Fili) and the Varsi team provided me with an enlightening educational experience. It broadened my understanding of the screen printing process and how it can be applied to my work. Overall, the experience was rewarding both for me and my art.”