Galleria Varsi presents “This Far, But No Further”, the online solo show by the French artist Nelio.

Inspired by the current context and other universal topics, this new series of eight abstract paintings on canvas explores the notions of limits.

The works are composed with a fragile harmony, the final step of a process based on a dynamic tension between opposites elements and concepts.

The choice of colors, mostly warm, gives unity to the series and a false positive impression. Swinging between pastel and fluorescent shades, the tints plunge us into atmospheres that are both calm and intense; like worlds in conflict artificially paused, symbolizing a floating moment in a constantly changing universe.

The relationship between man and nature, which represent the main theme of this exhibition and of the artist’s work, manifests itself here in metaphorical landscapes. These can be seen as microcosms where plans and symbols blend to blur scales and boundaries.

In a time when humanity immerses into the virtual world and undergoes deprivations of liberty, the works presented for this exhibition are refocusing on essential things. They suggest to go out and to browse, to feel and to sense, to see the invisible, and to express the unspeakable.