Screen print, 4 layers
50 x 70 cm, 2022
Shiro Echo paper 300g.

Produced in collaboration w/56Fili during Nelio Residency at Varsi 

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Nelio was born in France in 1982. Self-taught, he has built himself through the many travels that have made him a multidisciplinary visual artist, in constant search of learning and experimentation.  His practice revolves around two main axes: the interaction with the public space through murals, spontaneous paintings and installations, and the work in the studio, where the artist has the chance to express himself through paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, and sculptures. His early style, based on typographical work and uncluttered representation, gradually evolved into an abstract pictorial universe. His geometric structural logic, inherited from his interest in science, graphic design, graffiti, and architecture, remains visible in most of his artworks. However, this system is transformed when it is confronted with new random parameters due to the contexts, its discoveries, and its experiments. Nelio thus develops his works on a rational foundation altered by an empirical process. His artistic approach is mainly based on a dynamic tension and of opposing elements and concepts. Contradictions and doubts enrich his practice, just as the notions of wandering and detours are important stages in his progress. By deepening the value of the ephemeral, inherent of its outdoor paintings, he began to use the idea of ​​destruction as a creative generator. It led him to experiment around the notion of formlessness, alongside his early works focused on form. Abstraction allows him to create a dialogue between his series of different inspirations, by exploring the field of possibilities between minimalism and expressionism. 

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

“For this screenprint-focused residency, Nelio chose to focus his research on the notion of “ghost images”.

The term refers to the images that remain weakly visible on the silkscreen after cleaning. Nelio related this aspect to his painting process and the influence of buffing and other parameters that make a public painting ephemeral and ever-changing.

Following this research, Nelio’s process has consisted of exploring different directions at the same time, producing a series of different but consistent and progressive works. 

Recycling different kinds of materials to transform them into primary compositions, accompanied by a feeling related to Arte Povera, Nelio recognizes his artistic expression through the use of humble objects. During this residency, he directs his production toward the expressive possibilities of minimalist art that combines painting and sculpture with simple almost elementary forms.

The series of works consists of monotypes, screenprints and sculptural works in wood.”

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