Saturday 25 March, from 6 to 9 pm, Varsi Art&Lab presents the fourth book of the “Libri Anomali” series.

With the art book “Everything Expanding Endlessly”, designer Paola Pompili (She.Lab) and the artist 2501 investigate the infinite possibilities of a particular binding process called the “Flag Book”, conceived by Hedi Kylee, in which structural variations enhance the graphic work of the artist. The entire box set is handmade by She.Lab using hand-painted and hand-printed boards by 2501.

His graphic research starts from the different forms that the book can take, and includes both Indian ink drawings and monotype prints. The paper used to cover the boxes is hand painted and then screen printed by 56Fili. The marble base, designed by Base/34 and created by Alfaterna Marmi, allows the book to open in two different positions, each of which gives it a specific shape and a different perspective view of the contents.

Each book in this series of 10 copies is unique and entirely handmade.

An unprecedented body of works on paper by 2501 will also be on display, as well as the latest productions by Varsi Art&Lab, created during the Alberonero and Erosie artist residencies.

The event included the presentation of the work TRITTICO, created by 2501 and designer Valentina Mancini, who share the vision of this object as a tool for a new ritual. The artwork includes three elements: a marble meditation table, an oil lamp hand engraved by the artist, and a variation on the theme of the book “Everything Expanding Endlessly”, created in one unique copy.