“Making a good screen printing series, means reproducing the same image a number of times, a really interesting process. This time, however, I decided to rebel against this concept. I don’t want all prints to be the same.” ELTONO


Last June, Varsi Art&Lab hosted French artist Eltono.

During the two-week residency, the artist, with the support of 56Fili, had the opportunity to investigate the use of screen printing technique, breaking its patterns and using it as an extension of his artistic and aesthetic research.

For his “Modo” project, begun in 2010 and still evolving today, Eltono immerses himself in the possibilities of random chance and does so by challenging the unknown of the final result. For each work, the preliminary identification of a mathematics-based protocol embodied in a preparatory grid, means that the rest of the process is guided solely by contingencies.

Indeed, it is the unpredictable roll of a die that determines the shape, rotation and color that will be used in each grid square.

The methodology applied to this project was thus applied to the productions of this residency which, in a game that moves in balance between rules and chance, form a new body of screen printed works that break the norm of the series in favor of uniqueness.