CIREDZ – Diffusione III

Screenprint monotype, 3 layers
70 x 100 cm, 2022
Shiro alga paper, 300 g.

EDITION OF 7 / Each one is a unique edition
In collaboration with 56Fili


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Roberto Ciredz was born in 1981 on the southeast coast of Sardinia, where nature is strong and almost brutal, and which requires one’s full surrender in order not to suffer from its strength. Yellow, green and blue dominates the island, where winds blow violently, molding shapes and mixing tones. The graphic design of forms and chromatic progressions has thus become a constant in the artist’s work. In time, Ciredz felt the need to develop an active relationship with his land, fascinated by its uninhabited spaces, fragments of the desolate landscape where men’s traces tend to disappear, overwhelmed by the ever-persistent nature. Hence his choice to paint small abstract interventions on uninhabited ruins in the countryside, which become “volumes” in the artist’s intimate dialogue with space. As Ciredz says: I love to think that those actions will be seen only by very few people. Crucial to his activity is his move to Bologna, where he attends the Academy of Fine Arts and specializes in Graphic Arts. For the first time, he finds himself in permanent contact with an industrialized city. The regular presence of cement replaces his familiar rural elements, which survive only in hidden parts of the city. For Ciredz mural surfaces become a place for a shared and non-exclusive painting dialogue. The artist now expresses himself in public spaces, creating large-scale sections of nature on concrete sections. With his paintings he creates a symbolic relationship between the aesthetic components of the works and the surroundings in which they are placed; the same applies to his sculptures through his specific choice and combination of materials.

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Signed by the artist.

Varsi Art&Lab is pleased to present the residency of Roberto Ciredz. The Sardinian artist’s screen-print research work alongside 56Fili began in 2015 on the occasion of the exhibition “Livelli 2nd edition,” hosted in the gallery’s first space, and evolved into the series of works created for the solo show “Residui” in 2017.

During his residency in our Lab, the suggestions behind the works created in those years are further investigated and deepened.

Hence, two projects are born. The first one follows the experience of the series “Mathematical View”; it was born as an extension of the reflection about the complex relationship that exists between human beings and the rules of nature, whose language is encoded by geometry. The artist’s goal is to achieve a pictorial result, thus influenced by human instinct and its randomness, using the strict rules of geometry. Then, composing lines of colors overlap and blend with each other, creating color shades that elicit a feeling of visual completeness like that from the light that becomes dim at dawn and dusk.

The pursuit of the research began with the “Ephemeral Volume” series, based on the superimposition of colors rather than their juxtaposition, resulting in works created to simulate transparent matter, such as air, mist, water, and moisture. Through the superimposition of primary colors, Ciredz and 56Fili created a range of colors that, through repeated overlapping, slowly faded to the neutral point.

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