3TTMAN – About When They Came Back

Screenprint / Serigrafia, 9 layers
70 x 86,5 cm, 2021
Old Mill paper, 300 gm.

Limited edition of 30
Printed by 56Fili

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Louis Lambert (Lille, 1978) is a French artist living in Spain since 2001. 3ttman (pronounce “3 têtes man”) is his alter ego with three heads whom he began painting in the streets of Lille in 1999, according to the artist it depicts the profound complexity of human beings and the different views that arise from one same situation. The primitive art and its intuitive force particularly fascinate lambert. Multifaceted, he assimilates in his work popular languages to make clear the innate ability of any form of expression to transcend the mundane and become art. By paying special attention to material experimentation, he has innovated with a myriad of technics using cement, silicone, papier maché, oriental ceramics, and a wide range of different formats ranging from painting, sculptures… to large-scale mural work. To him, creative pleasure is inseparable from the process; he enjoys working and it is directly reflected in his particular style: dynamic, colorful, cheerful and authentic. His interventions have led him to work with renowned institutions such as the Tate Modern (Street walking tour 2008), El País (ARCO 2012), the Spanish embassy (realization of a mosaic wall 30 meters in Hanoi 2010), the MUVIM (Valencian Museum of the Enlightenment and modernity), and participate in top international mural festivals.

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

About when they came back” screenprint by 3ttman comes after the homonymous wall the artist painted in Granollers. This Barcelona’s suburb is extremely rich in terms of racial diversity, here you can feel the vibrance of the different cultures and the energy of the youth all around the place. In a conversation with the local community, 3ttman decided to focalize his attention on the lockdown situation. In the background, you can see the architecture of the city’s hospital which symbolizes the disease/death and what happened behind the walls when we were all out of sight. In the foreground, there are four animals that seem to be watching us and what is going on inside the hospital…Maybe they are just witnesses of what happened to the human race during the quarantine but I prefer to think that they represent our totems who are taking care of the sick ones. Anyway, the mural, and so the print, has been realized as a reminder of that sense of hope some of us experienced during the forced quarantine when seeing nature flourishing as humans stepped back. Now that it seems that things are slowly getting back to normal, we must not forget about that hope and try to protect nature at all cost.”

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