Nox Omnibus Lucet - Gomez





June 17th 2016, Galleria Varsi will present “Nox Omnibus Lucet“, the first solo exhibition by the artist Gomez.

Born in Caracas, Gomez moved to Rome as a child, where he cultivated his artistic vocation initially through graffiti, then in recent years through figurative painting.
To express his art the artist privileges public spaces where his vision is transformed into action and draws energy from the environment around his murals. The street becomes part of Gomez‘s poetic art, and the place where his creatures dwell: men, women, and children who seem to come from far away, bearing a message expressed through the human body and its language.

The artist’s past experiences takes shape in the spaces of Galleria Varsi. Conflicts arise and loneliness lends itself to be shared by the viewers’ gaze.
Darkness seems to dominate and wrap Gomez’s works: faces and naked bodies, marked by their existence and revealing their identity. And if the body is permeable, life can be incorporated, can be grasped.

The artist invites us to experience the lack of light as a means towards knowledge; he takes us in his haven of uncertain and changeable darkness, inviting us to lose ourselves in it until we disappear only to be reborn.
Nox Omnibus Lucet” is a tribute to the night, a path in the search for individual authenticity, punctuated by time which inexorably takes its course, revealing the truth.