Electric Breeze

Group Show



Galleria Varsi invites you to the opening of Nosego’s first Italian solo-show, Electric Breeze.

The artist from Philadelphia takes us to a surreal world of electrifying colors, where figures of imaginary animals blend with relaxed beautiful landscapes, that seem to conflict with the frenzy of the objects around them from which they come to life.
Nosego loves nature and wants to show us its harmony.

His works are dreamlike visions that lead us to the realm of the unconscious, which he transports into reality to ennoble space and matter.
The viewers are first captured by the iridescent colors that animate subjects. They then notice the thriving of details and their meanings and are carried in a thousand crevices of a timeless world that combines observation with deep reflection.
In Nosego’s art man and nature coexist without conflict.
With the unaffectedness of a child, he takes us on a solitary journey, in the realms of poetry and the spontaneous roots of memory.

The three-dimensionality of his subjects come to life inside this space, creating a fantastic scenery where we are lulled and accompanied in the fantasy world of the artist.
His compositions derive from memories of childhood, in toy boxes, light as the electric breeze of an autumn evening.