Passionate about objects, Fred Battle (Zoerism) started drawing  manufactured objects since he was very young. The iconography of everyday objects is the genesis of his work. He gleans objects or situations in everyday life to question the disorder of our contemporary world. Questioning the form and its perception is at the heart of Fred Battle’s pictorial issues. Trained as a product designer, he rediscovers how the form is a notion that defines what humankind devised, modeled, and transformed. Thus, the form is the first sensorial vector. In these works, the forms are defined by the spontaneity of treatment and the tendency toward abstraction. Fred Battle gives these forms new destiny to approach “real” under a different lens: the possibility of a new abstraction.

Fred Battle (Zoerism)(b. In 1985) graduated from State College School of Design (Paris) in 2008. Since then he has been invited to create murals in several cities around the world, including Bilbao, Seattle, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Moscow, to name a few. Among other places, his artwork has been exhibited at KaiKai Kiki Gallery (Tokyo), Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon. His painting is collected by renowned contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.


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