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Screen print, 10 layers
Hahnemüle natural white paper, 300 g.
100 x 140 cm, 2022

In collaboration with 56Fili

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

This print has been produced during the artist’s residency at Varsi Art&Lab.

“I learned a lot during these 12 days spent in Rome. First of all about the screen printing techniques, which I knew only superficially, and of which I perceive now a little better the possibilities thanks to 56FILI (Arturo Amitrano) who knew how to guide me.

The fact of conceiving images in a more ‘direct’ way, with reduced colors and more essential forms, will have an influence on my painting in general, I am sure.

The works produced during this residency are about a synthetic representation of spaces and the presences that occupy them. They are the fruit of reflections carried out for a long time, and prefigure my paintings to come.”

Matth Velvet

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