Screenprint / Serigrafia, 2 layers
1 layer on plexiglass sheet
1 layer on Old Mill paper, 300gr.
73 x 96 cm, 2021 (frame included)


In collaboration with 56Fili

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SBAGLIATO is an art project founded in 2011 by three Roman architects and designers, which stems from the desire to generate interferences in the urban fabric, creating “gaps” within the rigid order of architectures.

This need is expressed and carried out through the use of posters, perfect means of communication thanks to their ephemeral nature and mimetic qualities, which are also distinctive features of the group’s vision.

SBAGLIATO’s visionary installations are the result of a synergy between architecture, graphics, photography and collage, through which architectural elements can be “sampled”, processed and re-presented in an urban context, in an heterogeneous but not random manner.

In recent years SBAGLIATO have participated to numerous public art manifestations including Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas, L’ALT!rove Festival in Catanzaro, Cheap Festival in Bologna, the Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in Gaeta and many other events around the world.

In 2012 SBAGLIATO presented their first solo exhibition at 999Contemporary in Rome and the following year they were selected for the Collicola On The Wall project at Palazzo Collicola, the Visual Arts Museum of Spoleto, where they created a permanent installation. In 2015 they exhibited at the historical Galleria Toselli in Milan and participated to the traveling group show Eterotopia, presented at Palazzo Fazzari, in Catanzaro and the Ex Dogana in Rome, where in 2016 they took part to the exhibition Il Paradiso Inclinato, next to major artists such as Alighiero Boetti and Sol LeWitt.

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Sbagliato has always carried out his personal research related to architectural elements, those elements of the landscape that have been conceived and shaped by the human being.

The aesthetic and compositional “canon” used in architecture, however, arises from the study of natural things, proportions, and relationships between the parts of everything that surrounds us. Starting from here Sbagliato’s research develops – in a parallel way – in the analysis of architectural harmony brought back to the human figure.

“We decided to pursue this research after our Macrosomia work in Castrofilippo in 2017 where we realized that the human body can also be studied as an architecture.

The classical busts have been screen printed on two distinct and superimposed supports: paper and plexiglass.

A peculiar effect has been obtained: the sculptural element printed using this technique, thanks to a small optical distortion, is able to make the presence of the printed subject perceive but deceives the observer so much as to trigger a series of doubts about the fact that beyond the object itself there is something further, something not visible. This series, part of a project still under development, thus takes the name of Canone, from the treatise by the Greek sculptor Polykleitos, who first analyzed and normalized the proportions of the human body “

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