ROBERTO CONTE – Porto Marghera

Screen print, 1 layer
70 x 100 cm, 2023
Old Mill paper, 300 g.

Printed by 56Fili

Artist info

Roberto Conte

Roberto Conte (Monza, 1980), started to take pictures in 2006, exploring abandoned places in the outskirts of Milan, before traveling around Italy and abroad looking for derelict sites. In the years he increasingly focused on photographing architectures, with a particular preference for the XX century, from rationalist structures to post-war modernism and contemporary architecture, including brutalism and Soviet modernism. He collaborates with architecture and design studios, institutions, and artists (as Edoardo Tresoldi, Gonzalo Borondo, Alberonero). In 2019 he published the book “Soviet Asia” (FUEL, co-authored with Stefano Perego), focused on the Soviet modernist architectures in Central Asia. His pictures have been featured in several online and printed magazines and books, as “Atlas of Brutalist Architecture”, “This Brutal World”, “Ruin and Redemption in Architecture” (Phaidon Press), “Concrete Concept” (Frances Lincoln), the Yerevan Guide of Architecture (DOM publishers) and many others. He held lectures about architecture photography in several universities in Italy, Denmark, and Russia. . . .

Roberto Conte (Monza, 1980), ha iniziato a scattare foto nel 2006, esplorando luoghi abbandonati alla periferia di Milano, prima iniziare a viaggiare per l'Italia e all'estero alla ricerca di siti dismessi.

Negli anni il suo interesse si è focalizzato sulla fotografia di architetture, con una particolare predilezione per il XX secolo, dalle strutture razionaliste al modernismo del dopoguerra e all'architettura contemporanea, passando per il brutalismo e il modernismo sovietico.

Collabora con studi di architettura e design, istituzioni e artisti (tra cui Edoardo Tresoldi, Gonzalo Borondo, Alberonero). Nel 2019 ha pubblicato il libro “Soviet Asia” (FUEL, co-autore con Stefano Perego), incentrato sulle architetture moderniste sovietiche dell'Asia centrale.

Le sue immagini sono state pubblicate su numerose riviste e libri, sia digitali che non, come "Atlas of Brutalist Architecture", "This Brutal World", "Ruin and Redemption in Architecture" (Phaidon Press), "Concrete Concept" (Frances Lincoln), "Yerevan Guide of Architecture" (editori DOM) e molti altri.

Ha tenuto conferenze sulla fotografia di architettura in diverse università in Italia, Danimarca e Russia.


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Signed and numbered by the artist.

This print is part of the “Laissez-faire” screen prints series created by 56Fili from photographs by Roberto Conte, which portrays characteristic buildings from Italy’s economic and industrial boom phase that are now in a state of disrepair: a state that is both desolate and solemn.

“Porto Marghera” depicts one of the huge pavilions of SAVA, an aluminum production plant in the well-known industrial locality on the outskirts of Venice that remained abandoned for about thirty years before its final demolition in 2013. A past therefore concluded and not reproducible.

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