AMOK ISLAND – Monstera Deliciosa

Fine Art, Giclée print
49,5 x 62,5 cm, 2020
Old Mill ivory paper, 300 gr.
Limited edition of 30

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Amok Island

Amok Island (born Amsterdam, 1983) is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Netherlands, based in Fremantle, Western Australia and if he wasn't an artist he would be a biologist. Heavily inspired by early naturalists’ scientific illustrations, his work embodies the accuracy and precision representative of technical drawings, used for identification purposes. The theme of natural exploration and conservation is a strong and constant undercurrent of Amok Island’s artistic practice. His lifelong fascination with nature and her relationships and history with mankind drive the artist’s obvious appreciation and obsession with his subjects and his urge to direct the attention of his audience to them. Amok Island pursues a point of balance where minimal shape and colour remain capable of realistically representing a subject. To accomplish this, he renders his subjects to near bare minimum geometric elements of form, and places paramount importance on the use of a carefully considered colour palette. Amok Island has created murals in over 25 countries worldwide and exhibited his work in Australia, the Netherlands and Japan.

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Signed by the artist

“This common and well loved house plant has a different life in nature. This plant grows on tree trunks in the humid tropical forests, in the lowlands and middle mountains in the extreme south of Mexico and also in Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. Although it has spread as an invasive species to other countries as well. The seeds fall to the ground, then the seedlings crawl  towards the darkest area (negative phototropism), until they meet a tree on which to attach and climb up towards the light.

The name Deliciosa means “delicious”, referring to the edible fruit, while monstera means “monstrous”, in reference to the size that this plant can grow to over 9 meters high.”

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