X HUBE – Art for Savages series

Fine Art, Giclée print
40,5 x 21 cm, 2021
Cotton Smooth Natural paper, 300gm.
Limited edition of 10/each


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Marco Ubertini (HUBE) was born in Rome in 1982. He participated in and witnessed the birth and growth of the main metropolitan subcultures that developed in Rome and Italy between the nineties and the early 2000s. He went through the birth of the rave movement in Italy, the explosion of writing art, and youth protests of those years. He played as a writer in the Savage Boys Crew distinguishing himself as one of the most active and present strikers of his generation. In the following years, he started his path in the world of music, and he found, together with Lucci, Coez, Nicco, and Franz, the collective “Brokenspeakers”, which has written a very important page of the Roman and national rap underground. In 2020 he published the book “33”, telling his story through a set of short, raw, and poetic stories that start from childhood and go through harsh and ruthless adolescence, up to the moment of redemption. Writing is again a fundamental element of this path, as a primordial form of affirmation but above all of the attachment to life.

More info

“Art for Savages” is a project realized by Hube in collaboration with Varsi Art & Lab.

This project is born from a sign, a throw-up realized by Hube: it becomes the outline which will be fielded by others: musicians, artists, photographers will be able to put their hand to the initial, primordial trace.

A four-handed work, in which those who take part welcome the alien gesture and make it their own, in a game of contamination, research, and collective experimentation that is typical of Hube’s background.

It is a project that moves over time, evolves and transforms itself, and finds its focus and raison d’etre in this perpetual movement.

The production phase of this project was born from the collaboration with the HB Studio in Rome, which screen printed Hube’s throw-ups; Luca Mamone, Scarful, Leonardo Crudi, and Lucamaleonte, the artists chosen for this first experiment, have used their styles to filled the original sign, giving life to unique works that were subsequently reproduced in a series of 10 Giclée prints produced by Varsi Art & Lab.

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