GIORGIO BARTOCCI – Fossili Contemporanei

Screenprint / Serigrafia, 7 layers
50 x 70 cm, 2021
Tiepolo paper 300 g.

In collaboration with 56Fili

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Giorgio Bartocci

Divided between urban art and product design, Giorgio Bartocci acts as a semi-aware mouthpiece for the outcomes originated by contemporary society's constant inputs. Always busy in his figurative interplay of the complex urban structures and their social matters, on walls and canvases, Giorgio re-creates a symbolic synthesis of the surreal liquid modernity's habits around us. In his abstract artworks in places - to be decoded - humanoid characters like 'future primitives' float at the mercy of encounters-clashes between stratified scenarios and multifaceted realities. Shades, superimpositions, sub-layers, silhouettes, signs, and signals are never left to chance. That tension the artist shapes is the same tension we all got stuck in; a creative tension which enriches Bartocci's artworks with a very personal iconography, evocative and intimate as a forbidden desire”. Giorgio Bartocci studied graphic planning and visual communication at the I.S.I.A. Institute, in Urbino, he realized many visual-design projects, art shows, and tasks for private authorities as well as for public institutions. Currently, he works and lives in Milan.

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

“The value of time, the mobile continuity of states in which human and natural events whirl, are the elements that guided the production of this screenprint work. A design element connected to the becoming, which allowed me to use paper as a wall of a cave, imagining to represent modern fossils with a primitive sign. Fossils of human beings were found after millions of years in a future and imaginative urban dimension.” Giorgio Bartocci

Ph. credits:
Gianluca Gasbarri

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