JEROEN EROSIE – Perpetual Masquerade I

Screen print, 8 layers
50 x 70 cm, 2023
Old Mill paper, 300 g.

The print has been created in collaboration with 56Fili during the artist’s residency at Varsi Lab

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Jeroen Erosie

Jeroen Erosie’s practice originates from the fluidity and restless process of graffiti lettering. This discipline - where lines, letters and shapes evolve gradually and almost imperceptibly towards unpredictable results - has been such at the core of his production it leaves a unique mark on all of his practice. His canvases, drawings and collages appear like a paused instant in a restless dynamic, a continuous morphing and superimposition of shapes, lines and textures. Jeroen Erosie’s work reflects a poetic journey of rounded forms and geometric lines, a language that channels the natural landscapes of his endless bike rides as much as the architectural observations of the city’s forgotten spaces and cultural symbols. On a more subliminal level this research reflects a need to visually translate his personal thought processes through an iterative approach, almost like searching for a personal ideographic vocabulary. A rare balance, where very physical and intuitive gestures are mixed with an extremely methodic process of creation, reinterpretation and relentless research.

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

Last March we hosted the Dutch artist in our Lab for a residency dedicated to screen printing production in collaboration with 56Fili.

In his works, Jeroen Erosie pauses moments of disquiet, the lettering technique evolving over time and space on his walls and canvases, drawing inspiration and suggestions from architecture and typography that through the artist’s lens become one:

“If you have a shape and make a hole in it, it becomes in the same way a letter or a building.”

Using the sketches in his notebook as building blocks to create new projects, Erosie approached the creative process with the ability to let himself be guided and mix his own artistic research with the technical expertise of Arturo Amitrano (56Fili).

By combining the technique of collage with printmaking, using the paper as a mask directly on the screen and thus shaping the process to their own needs, Erosie and 56Fili managed to keep intact the possibility of reacting instinctively to each new move, thus applying the fluidity of pictorial language to an otherwise mechanical process.

Hence, the “Perpetual Masquerade” series was born, consisting of 6 limited edition prints in different formats, each of which narrates and concretizes on paper a phase of the research and elaboration path of this residency.

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