ELLÉNA LOURENS – Across My Heart

Screen print, 2 layers
50 x 56,5 cm, 2023
Old Mill paper, 300 g.

Printed by 56Fili


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Ellèna Lourens

South African artist Elléna Lourens began working on personal and collaborative creative projects while in school. Since then she has further pursued illustration, street art, painting, and embroidery. Her style lends itself to the past through symbols, patterns, and color schemes, while voicing an intuitively current aesthetic that resonates and seeks to redefine emotional iconography. She has immersed herself in the creative world, working alongside established artists, as well as furthering her own practice, taking part in shows, and creating murals in both South Africa and internationally.

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Signed and numbered by the artist.

“These two prints, Across My Heart, and Across My Heart II, were created in honour of the importance of familial love, and honest friendship. The significance of authentic connection enabling individuals to be vulnerable, as they find sanctuary in each other’s presence, which in turn can create a will for personal growth.” ELLÉNA LOURENS

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