CANEMORTO – Khamsin Haze

Monotype on Magnani Revere White paper 330 g.
mounted on a wood panel with Beva Film
106 x 146,5 cm, 2022
(frame included)

In collaboration with 56Fili

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CANEMORTO is a trio of anonymous Italian artists. Active since 2007, over the years the trio has produced works all around Europe with a multidisciplinary approach, distinguished by his raw and brutal “six-handed” style. CANEMORTO's imagery mixes the language of graffiti with the cult of an evil deity called Txakurra, who influences the works and choices of the group. CANEMORTO has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions at Studio Cromie (Grottaglie, IT), Kapow (Gent, BE), Altrove Gallery (Catanzaro, IT), Viafarini (Milan, IT) and has participated in group exhibitions, performances and screenings in galleries and institutions including Artmossphere Biennale (Moscow, RU), MARCA (Museum of the Arts of Catanzaro,IT), Museum of Follia (Lucca, IT), Triennale (Milan, IT), Ethnographic Museum of Friuli (Udine, IT), Galleria Varsi (Rome, IT), Palazzo Fazzari (Catanzaro, IT), Encore (Brussels, BE), USF Verftet (Bergen, NO), Ex Dogana (Rome, IT), Above Second Gallery (Hong Kong, HK), V9 Gallery (Warszawa, PL), Urban Spree (Berlin, GE), TOLK Gallery (Nizhny Novgorod, RU) and FIFTY24MX Gallery (Mexico City, MX).  “One in three” is how the group that has taken the name CANEMORTO defines itself. They are a hybrid that is difficult to define, lurking in ambiguity, and from this, they take their force: by being composed of three souls, contrary to every label and classification, constrained by anonymity and always moving between the capitals of Europe and the outer peripheries, they are a creature fought over by gallery owners and law enforcement, positioned halfway between legality and lawlessness, with one foot inside the system of art, and the other well-anchored outside it. Involved in the field of official art, and before that, in the art of the street, they transpose their poetics and iconography from one medium to another, depending on the context, with the knowledge to operate in the larger world of art and not just a subculture. Text by Elisa Fusi Ph. credit: Ivan Cazzola

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Signed by the artists.

Last June the trio worked in our spaces together with 56Fili, producing a series of new works marked by their characteristic rough and instinctive style.

CANEMORTO reduced the screen printing technique to its essentials, by stripping it of every intermediate step: a 100 x 140 cm frame, six hands painting it simultaneously, four minutes to spare before the colors dry, and a single impression. The compositional idea of each work, initially agreed upon by the trio, was left free to evolve and change at the frantic pace of the brushstrokes, with the impossibility of fully predicting the final, unique, and irreplicable result. 

This process generated a series of monotypes that, in both sign and subject, embody the essence of CANEMORTO’s pictorial research.

“If I paint like a barbarian, it is because we live in a barbaric age.”

Karel Appel

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