TELLAS – Mediterraneo VII

Screen print and monotype on fabric
assembled with the collage technique
132 x 162 cm, 2022

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Tellas was born in 1985 in Cagliari, Sardinia. His artistic journey begins in the harsh lands where he grew up. His work is a personal and intimate vision of the natural elements defining the landscape around him. Each piece is the result of a meditative process combining spatial qualities, shapes, and species of the surrounding environment. He expresses his style through various means. His use of drawing, painting, printing techniques, installations, and audio-video production confirms his aim to create and experiment with different art forms. He participated in many international events. Among the most remarkable there are the La Tour Paris Project, 2013, considered one of the most innovative contemporary art projects worldwide, and Artmossphere, the first Street Art Biennale held in Moscow in 2014, featuring 70 artists from all over the world. In 2015 his work appeared in The Urban Contemporary Art Guide, edited by the Graffiti Art Magazine, where he ranked amongst the world’s best 100 emerging artists of 2015. The same year he completed an extensive public artwork in Cagliari, the Italian Capital of Culture back then. In Rome, he took part in Here, Now, the sixth edition of the city’s Outdoor Festival, while his personal show Clima Estremo was held at Wunderkammern Gallery. The following year he completed several important public artworks in Spain, Finland, and Australia, respectively in Madrid, Helsinki, Albany, and Perth. In 2017 he was in Australia again, working on the mural The Barrier in Townsville, Queensland. Later that year, this piece inspired his exhibition Tropico, held at the Magma Gallery, Bologna. Again in Bologna, in 2019, he exhibited his solo exhibition "Lago" with a new body of works curated by the Magma Gallery. In 2019, together with the Press Press editions, he published "notes" a collection of 180 drawings in a limited edition of only 300 copies. Since 2019 he has confirmed the collaboration with The Jaunt, an important international organization that represents artists from all over the world, involving them in large-scale outdoor projects, institutional exhibitions, and works productions. With The Jaunt, Tellas exhibited in San Francisco at the Legion Project Art Gallery, then in Amsterdam in 2021 at the STRAAT Museum on the occasion of the solo exhibition “Out There Somewhere”.  In 2020 he was invited by Paratissima Art Fair to create a work on a large surface that covers the courtyard of the Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Artiglieria, on the occasion of its reopening in Turin, in the circuit of the important exhibition of Artissima. In addition to Palermo, Rome, and other Italian cities, the latest works can be found in Atlanta (USA), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Delhi (India), Montreal (Canada), and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), France, Ireland, and Spain. His artistic production also includes significant partnerships with important Italian fashion brands, including Ferragamo and Marni. In particular, the multiple collaborations with Marni resulted in the documentary A grande terra do Sertão, presented at the 56th Venice Biennale.

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“Mediterraneo” is the result of a meditative process that merges shapes and species from the surrounding environment, defining the work of Italian artist TELLAS (Fabio Schirru).

Through the study of color and its gradients Tellas, together with Studio 56Fili, deepens his research on the technique of collage, of which Varsi Art&Lab presented the first reflection in 2017, on the occasion of the group show Livelli 3rd Edition.

This new series “Mediterraneo” tells the stories and colors of remote places and countries, holding tightly to their identity and returning them into a personal and intimate vision that is expressed through a hybrid of abstract and figurative.

During this residency at Varsi Lab, collage is investigated as an exercise that overlaps meditation with artistic gesture. Tellas re-works and gives uniqueness to a technique that strongly influenced the 20th century and is still considered avant-garde.

Tellas declines his artistic vision through what for him represents, along with drawing, the most natural form of expression, a point of departure and return to the primordial study of form and color.

In an endless virtuosity, the series consists of nine unique screen prints and monotype on fabric works, as well as two series of limited edition prints on paper.

Through a meticulous printing process, single fabrics, first screen-printed, are then cut and then joined together, in an almost obsessive interplay of instinctive compositions.

This technique finds the second evolution in the limited edition print series “Mediterraneo II”, in which the act of combining elements is transformed to fit the technique and the medium, shaping a perceptual play that manifests itself in the overlapping and joining of shapes and colors.

Once again Tellas harmonizes the representation of a structured and referential visual field and, at the same time, defines the fluid perception of a reality yet to be constructed, in which the viewer can find his or her own image.