JOHAN MOORMAN – Soundscapes II

Hand-painted acrylic
on assembled CNC milled wood
60 x 90 cm approx., 2022

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Artist info

Johan Moorman

The spatial worlds of Johan Moorman are reminiscent of classic arcade games, the works of Dutch graphic artist Escher, and old Lego (Danish toys) catalogues. Moorman’s graphics and murals are undeniably Anti-Design, yet elegant in color, lines, and design language. Johan Moorman (1979) finds inspiration in retro-futuristic images, architecture, music, and technological innovation: Moorman was the one to design the poster for the legendary 2013 Kraftwerk 3D concert series in former technology museum Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Johan Moorman started his career as a graffiti artist from the Dutch ‘city of light’. He likes to explore and didn’t stop experimenting, neither in style nor multimedia use. He grew up in a city built on technology and design, and later graduated from the renowned Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The artist is influenced by De Stijl (neoplasticism), Pop art, and the Memphis Group / Postmodernism. Time seems to have frozen in some of his works. They feel like playgrounds that perfectly balance objects and shapes - an adventurous world that needs to be explored.

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Signed by the artist.

“For this series of works I tried to visualize sounds and patterns and put them in an imaginary scenery. I was always inspired by the video ‘Star Guitar’ made by Michel Gondry for The Chemical Brothers (made in 2001), where each sound is represented by a particular object. I like the combination of structured patterns combined with noisy and chaotic passages. Glitchy samples combined with brassy sounds…The wooden parts of these works were digitally drawn and cnc-milled. After that, they were hand-painted and assembled.” J. Moorman