CINTA VIDAL – Contiguity

Acrylic on wood
40 x 40 cm, 2024

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Cinta Vidal

CINTA VIDAL’s interest in the world of art comes from a young age and when she was 16 she started working at the Castells y Planas Scenography Workshop in Santa Agnés de Malañanas. There the artist learned painting and large-scale mural techniques, working on commissions from operas and theaters around the world. She studied illustration at the Massana School in Barcelona. The weightlessness of the elements and the defiance of the laws of perspective became her elements of identity: “We live the spaces we live in from our unique vision, which may have nothing to do with the vision of the “other.” Multiplying gravity allows her to express that there are many possible perceptions of our environment. The everyday can contain common places, but also many abysses. And I am always surprised by the capacity that we humans have to experience uncertainty calmly and with a certain indifference.” In 2015, Vidal held her first solo exhibition at the Miscelánea gallery (Barcelona). Since then she has worked exclusively on creating her own work. She has participated in exhibitions and art fairs in London, Miami, New York, Hawaii, Atlanta, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Vidal has also collaborated with art galleries, such as Spoke Arte Gallery (San Francisco), Arte Project Gallery (Hong Kong), Long Beach Museum (Los Angeles) or Beinart Gallery (Australia). At the Thinkspace Gallery (Los Angeles) she have held several exhibitions and numerous works.  She has painted murals in countries such as China, Japan, Hawaii or the United States. Last year she made 5 murals in Europe: Portugal, Italy, Germany and Denmark. Her work has been used in newspaper articles, book covers, children’s books, puzzles or in cultural dance centers, among others. Recently, British new wave music group Tears for Fears have used his work for their latest album (2022).

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