Talking Walls

Group Show


Galleria Varsi

Galleria Varsi presents Mr. Thoms’ solo exhibition TALKING WALLS, in which everyday life unfolds through reflections and interactions based on his ability to play with space.

Harmonious rhythms of forms and an incisive trait are amongst the primary characteristics of the many walls that Mr. Thoms has created in cities around the world. He defines these as “Talking Walls”, since they solicit strikingly dynamic and fast communications.
This interaction is made possible by Mr. Thom’s unique blend of style and colour, and by his ambition to narrate day-to-day atmospheres and contents, through his peculiar technique and irony.
The exhibition will host a noteworthy selection of Mr. Thoms’ exhibits that vary between paintings and three-dimensional works.
The artist’s extreme fantasy and playfulness strive to develop critical awareness on the socio-anthropological themes he presents. His ever-changing creative formula focuses on the need to exorcise reality through his masterful use of multiple hues.