Rivelazioni - Jacopo Mandich


Jacopo Mandich



On September 16, 2016, Galleria Varsi presents Rivelazioni, a participatory installation by the Roman sculptor Jacopo Mandich.

After his 2014 solo exhibition, the artist returns to the Gallery to show how his art has evolved in recent years.

The installation, created site specific, derives from a long period of working closely on space. The environmental balance of the exhibition is gradually distorted through the impact of wood and iron, materials that have accompanied Mandich’s artistic production since the very beginning and that come together in new forms and meanings.

The project stems from the desire to describe the individual through the two antithetical materials that symbolize nature and destiny, and to break down the barrier between the artwork and the viewer so that they can interact, thus involving the audience in a creative process and giving it an active role in generating the meaning of the work.

Rivelazioni represents the ability of the individual to reveal the “other”, to raise the masks that have become stratified, in a forced process in which human beings seem to oppose all of their strength in a desperate and impossible attempt to escape.

In the fight against immobility, the individual dramatically seeks a foothold but space becomes adverse, imprisoning him or her in a stasis that seems to become eternal.

Revealed are then the movements of the soul, the most authentic feelings, connected to each other to the point of getting lost in the whole, in a forced co-existence which seems to generate tensions running through flesh as continuous and disruptive streams.

Remote nodes explode into conflicts that mark the rhythm of the naked “body”, stripped of all defences, in the boundary between torture and relief.

Between the edges of consciousness there is finally a glimpse of its roots; hidden, but there, as they always have been.