Group Show

In Via di Affogalasino in Rome, under the roof of a former industrial block, two different realities coexist and confront each other on a daily basis, two realities that embrace contamination and exchange as their core strengths.

On Saturday, October 8th, from 6 to 10 p.m., the space will host “Open District”: an event born to narrate the experience of this shared place that is characterized by a variety of proposals, contents, and skills. For the occasion, the season coming up will be unveiled: artist residencies, solo and group shows, open talks about various topics, marketplaces, and more.

On this occasion, Varsi will exhibit new works by the French artist Velvet, who in his works combines memories and personal background through the rigorous observation of his surroundings. Furthermore, Varsi will display the productions created in the last months of residencies by artists such as Borondo, 108, R.Alfano, Tellas, and CANEMORTO.

Ala/34 will also hold an open-house evening during which it will be possible to discover the world of co-working, its potential in the development of new business skills, and the related creation of a network of professionals.

In its over 600 square meters, the site welcomes under the same roof two young eclectic and growing experiences in an environment imagined and designed to stimulate dynamic synergies and interactions. 

On show at Varsi Art&Lab:
Matth Velvet + residencies collective show

At Ala/34:
Talk/34 – “Co-working as told by Co-workers”

Dj Set:
7-8 pm BobThaFunk
8-10 pm Kwality

Special Guest/Live
10-11 pm Nio (Asian Fake)

Food & Beverage: Latta Roma