Gravità - ETNIK




Galleria Varsi

Galleria Varsi inaugurates its new exhibition Gravità by hosting for the first time geometrical and architectural elements, thanks to the three-dimensional research carried out by the Italian artist Etnik.

Etnik’s production is entirely focused on the analysis of volumes and how these aggregate and disintegrate. The artist’s work is based on his reflections on motion that lead to endless composition forms and new three-dimensional realities. Sculptures, installations and paintings develop inside the gallery space an inventive dynamic dimension, where gravity and magnetism are at the basis of the different techniques chosen by the artist to achieve the many elements that shape the exhibition.

The viewer gravitates towards a point in space by moving or turning around it as if walking through a magnetic field.

Galleria Varsi is also happy to share with you a new experience. After the opening of the exhibition, Etnik will continue his work on a public wall. The wall is a facade in the district of Tor Pignattara.