My Dear Old Black Bic

Group Show


Galleria Varsi

Varsi Gallery  for his second appointment brings to stage a research that is focus on an elegant and complex working tool: the good old black Bic. Diamond, street artist better known for his large wall paintinted in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Holland and for his productions characterized by the stencil technique, which made unique and different the experiences in the gallery  and museum circuits that he attends until 2003; today, Diamond offers to the public the chance to get the heart of his language through a whole new exhibition. Diamond with My Dear Old Black Bic move the strings of the soul, pushing on the line as only a Bic you can do on the icons that narrates an underground wich today is historicized. This secret archive is a collector of subjects that the artist will use to create the works that later he will realize on the walls of the city he loves the most. Varsi Gallery made in an exhibition that celebrates a full “behind the scenes” of his production, the work is the only true original, and from this, Diamond reworks stencils for his In and Out actions. To make indelible this new experience, the exhibition was accompanied by a catalog (edited by Marta Gargiulo and Giulia Trionfera) in which are collected all the Bic tables; this action brings into being the idea of an ​​iconographic archive of the artist, while he was producing every single detail of this complex narrative.