Group Show


Galleria Varsi

Galleria Varsi presents Cosmogonie, exhibition by Jacopo Mandich, opening the space for an invasion with imposing and fantastic tones, an exhibition determined by size and under costruction dimensions. Contamination of materials and different processing methods are used in the realization of each sculpture, among the main issues that arise from the primitive need of artist to transform material.

This process brings into being a change, a complex path with changes and metamorphoses, which starts from artist’s mind and through the technique is transcribed on material. The sculptures that characterize the design research of Jacopo Mandich, are the result of a study that acquires depth in a constant reference to the breaking of the geometry and physical law, an imbalance that is synthesized in a controversial harmony.

The works provoke in the observer counter suggestions, evoked by the used materials: wood as an allusion to carnality emotions, corporeality; stone as an evocation of the earth; iron as best representation of rationality because of madness, both a result of a long and reasoned construction, the manufacture of iron by itself imposes, emblem the exercise of the mind that links emotion and matter.

Cosmogonie introduces a new artist’s research, focused on iron as a raw material to be molded to be able to build a metropolis, consisting of multiple scenarios, divided between industry and degradation. The inhabitants, the Survivors, arise from other realities, each with its own role and a unique social character.

Individuals from pronounced mechanical skills, are on one side facing a real urban renewal, on the other, to the hidden corners and places in the shadows, feeding their dark side, feeding discomfort and desolation. This work made entirely of iron will give the user the ability to get to the heart of amazing imagery, through an interactive, which defines the actions within a daily life influenced by the personalities of different individuals that populate it.