Bedtime Stories - Etam Cru


Etam Cru


Galleria Varsi

Etam Cru brings its enchanted world to Galleria Varsi, with Bedtimes Stories, their first solo show in Italy, curator Marta Gargiulo.
The exhibition created by the duo Bezt and Sainer enhances their different personalities and the aesthetic techniques that characterize their productions, giving shape to a synergy that generates a strong emotional impact, where dense backgrounds and transparencies alternate, to create the fanciful imagery of bedtime stories.
Etam Cru’s art conjures the intimate moments that characterize our daily lives and in particular the instants in which we abandon rationality for a fluid and incessant transition between conscious and unconscious states of mind, always keeping us well in balance.
Varsi hosts a unique show, where rationality is enthralled by a dreamy atmosphere that leads the viewer to experience a rich variety of emotions.

Live painting WALL
From October 24th, Etam Cru will be painting for the first time in Rome a blind façade 30 meters high.
To share this experience with us, you can come by Via del Pigneto, at the corner with Via Ludovico Pavoni. We will be there from morning to dusk.
This project is sponsored by the Fifth Municipality of Rome and is care of Marta Gargiulo and Massimo Scrocca.

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