Adaptation - Andreco




Chiara Pietropaoli

On October 13, 2018 Galleria Varsi presents “Adaptation”, a solo show by Andreco, a transversal visual artist with a PhD in environmental engineering, specialized in sustainable projects in various climatic conditions.

From a conceptual and philosophical point of view, Andreco’s work shifts an anthropocentric perspective into an ecocentric one. 

“Adaptation” brings to our attention the changes produced by human – environment interaction. Among the most evident consequences of human action on the ecosystem today we can see: rising temperatures, water and soil pollution, and many other heavy phenomena in constant growth.

In his show Andreco investigates the perspective changes in managing the effects of this impact. “Adaptation” is an act of awareness, a tribute to biological resistance and complexity.

The exhibition is a criticism to human society and an exhortation to regain contact with ourselves, to think of our nature as whole, and to take care of it, as the only way to survive.

In 2011 Andreco exhibited for the first time in NYC his work, the “Green Man”, an anthropomorphic sculpture covered with depurative plants; “a man made of plants that purifies air polluted by flesh and blood men” says Andreco with critical spirit.