Smithe was born in Mexico in 1987.

Influenced by old local comics, graphic style from the 50s and Sci-Fi movies, at the age of 13 he began to paint graffiti just for fun and as a hobby.

Autodidactic and evolutionary, attracted by fine arts, Smithe has constantly reinvented his own style and over the past years has tried out with many themes on his work such as Existentialism, Individuality of the human being and the machine within.

The defragmentation, common symbol on his work, is used as a vehicle to show the inside elements that power his characters and is shown as a surrealistic machine.

He is commonly known for his graffiti but he ́s alsoinvolved in other areas such as illustration, design, sculpture and music.

He has exhibited in Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Mexico.