Guillaume Alby AKA Remed was born in Paris in 1978 and lives in Suances, Cantabria.

«I discovered the Art of painting in an atelier in my town, Lille, in 1995. I have long worked inside. I always liked the privacy and quiet of my room or studio. However, I quickly felt the need to overcome the limits imposed by the framework, and also the desire to show my work. That’s how I came to the street, that’s why I started to interact with my environment by pasting stickers expressing my ideas and messages or witnesses on the walls with spray. I finally had the chance to paint huge areas, in places often special, being as much as possible aware of the context in which my tracks will evolve.

On the other hand, I continued my work on canvas. First I played with the image and text, by creating or interpreting icons often associated with letters or words. My paintings were composed, as and as the ideas took shape. They were already carrying the seeds of the following idea, which once matured together would all take on new meaning. Today, thanks to the experience of the street that led me to synthesize my creations, and because I’ve understood that the «viewer» does not give as much time as I dared to imagine to the observation of work, I always simplified the result of my work. This is so the viewer can actually feel something, being talked to, without my physical presence being necessary.

I make rhymes with colors, shapes, and sounds to express emotion, feeling, or the evolution of thought. I paint as you write a diary, a notebook of inventions, or philosophical essai.

Art is for me the sincere blend of science and Soul. I live what I feel, I paint what I live.»