Eltono (1975) is an artist who transforms public space, using the city as his support, studio, and inspiration. Born in Paris in 1975 and having lived in Madrid, Beijing, and now back in France, Eltono has been experimenting with color, line and form throughout his 20 year plus career, integrating his paintings with his architectural surroundings in buildings and cities around the world.

His recent paintings at the IDEO office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for example, as well as his work for the Facebook Paris, Artist in Residency program, showcase his unique ability to integrate and highlight already existing (but often hidden) elements of each space he works on. Alongside his work in the public sphere, in which he has painted on the streets of more than 100 cities, Eltono has also shown his works in many world-renowned galleries and museums, including the Tate Modern, Somerset House, Fundacion Miro, the Artium Museum and many more.

He increasingly finds himself drawn towards working with architects, curators and developers who incorporate artists within their creative approach: Collaborating with architects and designers from the ground up, as he did with the iconic IDEO building in Massachusetts, this integrative art and architectonic approach has now become a key part of his wide-ranging practice.


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