Screen print / Serigrafia, 4 layers
50 x 70 cm, 2018
Old Mill paper 300 gr.
Limited edition of 20


Artist info

Alberto Brunello

Alberto Brunello was born in Thiene (VI) in 1985. Alongside his language studies, his artistic career follows an evolution that starts from graffiti to led to illustration and finally to print and painting. In 2015 he approaches linoleum and wood engraveing and then he follows a chalcography course with the master Giongo at the Mart of Rovereto (IT). In 2014 he takes part in the collective Filler, with whom he collaborated for the organization of the European-known illustration convention in Milan. From 2015 he travels around Europe with the artistic-sonorous performance "Body of Reverbs” by Michele Servadio, an experimental project in which tattoo, sound and ritual artistic practices blend together. In 2016 he founds "Maniera Scura”, an experimental engraving and photographic print workshop, together with the artists Bòiter and Servadio. At the same time, with his solo project HEXN, he produces electronic and psychedelic music.

Artist info

Mik Bòiter

His background in the art world goes from wall writing and graffiti to growing up surrounded by the northern Italy underground punk rock scene, a fundamental school of life throughout the biggest part of his teenage years. The approach to the creative process he developed in the following years is strongly influenced by his travels in Asia and the time he spent there during his studies of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Today, he needs his art to be a physical translation resulting from a gain in self-consciousness and the long path of research that this translation inevitably needs. This evolution in his approach to art can be seen as the real core of what he does: the materials, the spaces, the constant strain in testing and questing the realities around him, and the unselfish way in which he needs to express all these inputs into the world are at very roots of his work. He mostly works with alternative photographic techniques but also etching, painting and sculptural techniques using recycled materials and findings from natural environments. In 2016 he founds "Maniera Scura", an experimental engraving and photographic print workshop, together with the artists Bòiter and Servadio. Since 2017 he started a collaboration with Michele Servadio for his project Body of Reverbs.

Artist info


Michele Servadio was born in Italy in 1986. He grew up in a small village in the Veneto countryside. Drawn to painting and drawing from an early age, Servadio attended the Art School in Padua and the University of Visual Arts in Venice. In 2007 he approached the world of tattoos, fascinated by its tradition and cultural phenomenon. He moved to London in 2010.

In his atelier in Hackney Wick, Servadio creates new projects which interconnect the different practices of tattooing, painting, printmaking, photography, and performance art. Merging these diciplines, feeding them back into one another, he creates a unique universe where he is able to explore and describe the human condition and his environment.

The aesthetics of his work is dark and melancholic; it embodies Folklore, expressionism, and the bleakness of a post-industrial scenario.

In 2014 he started to experiment with sound and tattooing. This gave birth to 'Body of Reverbs', a contemporary Ritual combining sound, pain, accupuncture and permanent marks on the body. Body of Reverbs has been presented in the form of live performances and instilations across the UK, Europe, Asia and America.

His artworks have been exhibited in England, Italy, and Germany.

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Signed by the Artists

This screen printing was produced exclusively for Galleria Varsi in collaboration with 56 Fili, for the 2018 group show “Que Viene el Coco” at Galleria Varsi.

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ITALY: € 5,80
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